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We are an exclusive, private pay treatment center. We do not accept any type of insurance. All costs are the responsibility of the client.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Women

At Brookhaven Retreat we believe that when a woman engages in destructive addictive behaviors, including alcohol and drug abuse, there is usually an underlying mood disorder driving the addiction.

Most addiction treatment centers address the effects of alcohol and drug dependency and never treat the root cause of the problem. Brookhaven Retreat is one of the few dual diagnosis treatment centers licensed to treat both alcohol/drug dependency and the mental health issues that often accompany addiction. This is why we succeed where others fail. Call us today.

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“I know what the women who come to Brookhaven Retreat are going through and I know the road to emotional, spiritual and physical recovery is possible. I’m living proof and, if I can do it, others can too. It is my mission to share with women who have been bereaved, experienced loss or abandonment, suffered trauma, or have been abused that there is nothing more valuable than the gift of life, itself. Each person needs to be the best they can be and my program is designed to achieve that in an environment free from judgment, shame or insecurity.”

Jacqueline Dawes, Founder, Brookhaven Retreat

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About Brookhaven Retreat

We are an in-patient, residential, emotional finishing school for women. We treat depression, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma, and substance abuse, which many women use as an escape tool.

  • Located on 48 beautiful acres in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains
  • Full concierge and travel assistance available
  • Treatment for depression, emotional trauma and addiction
  • Spa cuisine featuring market fresh food and local produce
  • Detoxification and suicide prevention programs
  • Comfortable Healing Environment
  • Highly trained expert staff