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To learn more about Brookhaven Retreat, please visit our full website.

The programs at Brookhaven Retreat focus specifically on the needs of women, their role in society, and their family dynamics.  Brookhaven Retreat offers a private, comfortable, emotional sanctuary.  If you need help or have a loved one who does, Brookhaven Retreat can help you succeed where others fail.

Brookhaven Retreat offers a unique voluntary treatment program for women who want their lives to be different. The program is specially designed to help women manage alcohol and medication challenges, depression, emotional trauma, bipolar disorder, anxiety and mood disorders which leave a woman feeling trapped with no means to escape or ability to move forward successfully.

Our mission at Brookhaven Retreat is to give you the tools you need to feel safe, accepted, complete, self-confident, valuable and comfortable in your own skin through skilled therapy, life coaching and medical management. Healing comes from loving yourself and accepting and resolving issues physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

About Brookhaven Retreat

An upscale residential treatment center for women only.

We are an in-patient, residential, emotional finishing school for women. We treat depression, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma, and substance abuse, which many women use as an escape tool.
  • Located on 48 beautiful acres in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains
  • Full concierge and travel assistance available
  • Treatment for depression, emotional trauma, and addiction
  • Spa cuisine featuring market fresh food and local produce
  • Detoxification and suicide prevention programs
  • Comfortable Healing Environment
  • Highly trained expert staff

To learn more about Brookhaven Retreat, please visit our full website.

An exclusive, private pay treatment center, Brookhaven Retreat is not contracted with any insurance companies.

All costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client. While we will provide you with a copy of your medical record, Brookhaven Retreat is not responsible for filing insurance claims or your insurance company's final decisions regarding reimbursement.